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Coaches vote Curfman winner of Don Rabung CIC MVP Award

Whether he was pitching, hitting or catching, Cody Curfman of Chugiak was a game changer.

The senior all-star won a league-best four games on the mound; he drove in nine runs in 11 games, including a pair in the league championship game; and he caught a no-hitter and erased 10 runners on the base paths this year.

Yeah, just give him the player-of-the-year award.

That’s exactly what the Cook Inlet Conferences coaches did in honoring Curfman with the 2016 Don Rabung CIC MVP Award at a league meeting Friday.

Curfman is 4-0 with a 1.93 ERA at pitcher. He pitched six innings in the CIC title game as Chugiak beat South 6-4 at Mulcahy Stadium to secure the league’s No. 1 seed at state.

He was the catcher on Chugiak’s combined no-hitter by Brady Lindberg and Matt Hess against East. He gunned out a league-high six runners trying to steal bases.

Curfman was one of four players to make the all-conference first team at two positions. Another was his teammate, Hess, who made it at relief pitcher and second baseman.

The other two were from Service – Ronan Klancher [SP, OF] and Raleigh Pigg [RP, SS]. 

Hess also has do-it-all talent for the Mustangs.

In addition to being a two-time first team selection, he was awarded for with the CIC Big Stick Award. He led the league with a .464 batting average and seven doubles.

The league’s Gold Glove Award went to slick South third baseman Matthew Kley, who made only one error on 19 defensive chances and flashed a .950 fielding percentage.

All-conference voting was done by league head coaches or their designee. Coaches couldn’t vote for their own players. The number of nominations per team was based on league standings.

This story was written by Van Williams, a freelance writer in Anchorage and the ALB Media Director.

Cook Inlet Conference Baseball Awards

Don Rabung CIC MVP Award

Cody Curfman, Chugiak, Sr., SP/C, league-best 4-W, 0-L, 1.93 ERA, 16 K, 29 IP, .323 BA, 9 RBI, 3 2B, 7 SB, league-best 6 CS, 4 PK

Big Stick Award

Matt Hess, Chugiak, Jr., league-best .464 BA, 8 RBI, league-best 7 2B, 12 R, .714 SLG

Gold Glove Award

Matthew Kley, South, Jr., 3B, .950 FLD, made only one error on 19 defensive chances, 1 DP



Starting Pitcher 

Cody Curfman, Chugiak, league-best 4-W, 0-L, 1.93 ERA, 16 K, 29 IP

Jonny Homza, South, 1-W, 1-L, 1.75 ERA, No-Hitter, 12 IP

Sean Duffy, West, 1-W 1-L, 3.50 ERA, league-best 35 K, 16 IP

Ronan Klancher, Service, 2-W, 0-L, 2.10 ERA, 13.1 IP

Relief Pitcher

Raleigh Pigg, Service, 1-W, 1-L, league-best 0.58 ERA, 17 K, 12 IP 

Matt Hess, Chugiak, 1-W, 1-L, league-best 2 SV, 8.2 IP

Harry Weigel, West, 2-W, 2-L, 1 SV, 28 K, 19.1 IP


Cody Curfman, Chugiak, .323 BA, caught no-hitter, erased 10 baserunners (league-best 6 CS, 4 PK)

First Baseman

Brady Lindberg, Chugiak, .417 BA, league-best 12 RBI, 6 SB, .985 FLD

Second Baseman

Matt Hess, Chugiak, league-best .464 BA, 8 RBI, 12 R, league-best 7 2B, .953 FLD, 20 A


Raleigh Pigg, Service, .364 BA, 11 RBI, league-best 2 3B, .939 FLD, league-best 29 A

Third Baseman

Matthew Kley, South, .424 BA, 11 RBI, .950 FLD

Charlie Bucolo, Chugiak, .257 BA, 1 HR, 10 R, league-best 2 3B, .903 FLD


Max Costello, South, .435 BA, 1 HR, 9 RBI, 8 R, 

Brian Wing, Chugiak, .355 BA, 13 R, league-best 15 SB, league-best 11 BB

Ronan Klancher, Service, .378 BA, 10 R, 3 2B, 5 RBI, 6 SB


Jake Andresen, Dimond, .346 BA, 1 HR, 7 BB, 6 R, 5 SB

Ryan Solberg, East, .692 BA, 7 SB, 2 2B, 5 R, 1.000 FLD

Designated Hitter

Anthony Maldonado, South, .357 BA, 5 RBI, 


SP- Jake Andresen (Dimond), Gaton Davis (East), Brady Lindberg (Chugiak), Tommy Koloski (South)

RP- Parker Johnson (South), Julito Fazzini (South), Sean Gardeline (Dimond)

C- Julito Fazzini (South)

1B- Dylan Montagna (Dimond)

SS- Jonny Homza (South)

OF- Parker Johnson (South), Nick Hall (Service), Noah Alexander (Dimond)

UT- Tyler Borschnack (Bartlett), Sladen Mohl (South)


RP- Kaden Roettger (Dimond) 

C- Carl Gatter (East), Declan Dammeyer (West), Kyle Bremont (Dimond), Josh Linn (Eagle River)

1B- Derek Scoggins (Service)

2B- Jalen John (East), Aaron Davis (Eagle River)

SS- Jake Kindred (Chugiak), Kyle Henrickson (Dimond)

3B- Dylan Oberly (West), David Lundell (East), Christian Fredrick (Eagle River)

OF- Tristen Woods (Service), Logan Herman (East)

UT- Jared Froslie (Eagle River)

Recent Winners of Don Rabung CIC MVP Award

2015 tie, Lucas Thorp, Dimond, 1B/RP, .414 BA, 2 HR, 9 RBI, .759 SLG, 1-W, 1-L, 2 SV, 2.69 ERA, 13 IP

Willy Homza, South, SS, .518 BA, 10 RBI, 7 XBH, .556 OBP, .938 FLD

2014 Dalton Chapman, West, P/1B, 4-W, 0-L, 0.96 ERA, 1 SV, 77 Ks, 36 IP, .456 BA, 15 RBI, 4 3B, .711 SLG

2013 Max Karnos, South, P/1B, 1-W, 1-L, 0.33 ERA, 35Ks, 20 IP, 17 Ks 1 GM, .429 BA, 6 2B, 2 3B, 8 BB, 11 RBI

2012 Zach Ferntheil, Service, P/1B, 3-W, 0-L, 2 SV, 1.12 ERA, 25 K, 18 IP, .423 BA

Soldotna, Ketchikan round out 8-team state tournament field

The Soldotna pitching staff has been team known this year as the team that throws a lot of no-hitters - three to be precise.

But today they showed they could hit a little too.

The Stars beat up Colony 17-2 in the second-place game of the Southcentral Conference regional tournament in Kenai.

With the win, Soldotna secured the league's second berth to next week's ASAA State Tournament in Anchorage.

Cody Quelland went 2-for-4 with 3 RBIs and Calvin Hills went 2-for-3 and scored three runs for Soldotna.

In Petersburg, the Ketchikan Kings snagged a state playoff berth with a 2-1 win over Juneau-Douglas in the Southeast Conference.

Ketchikan pitcher Nate Fousel pitched a complete game to grab the win in the team's biggest game of the year.

Sitka captured the regional title with a 10-2 over Ketchikan in the Southeast title game.

The state tournament runs next weekend at Mulcahy Stadium, starting with the first round on Thursday, June 2.

According to, here are the first-round matchups:

Southeast #1 [Sitka] vs. Southcentral #2 [Soldotna]

Mid Alaska #1 [Lathrop] vs. Cook Inlet #2 [South]

Southcentral #1 [Wasilla] vs. Southeast #2 [Ketchikan]

Cook Inlet #1 [Chugiak] vs. Mid Alaska #2 [Monroe Catholic]

This story was written by Van Williams, a freelance writer in Anchorage and the ALB Media Director. 

Wasilla, Sitka, Monroe Catholic secure berths to state Friday

In the Southcentral Conference, Wasilla shut out Soldotna 5-0 in a battle of No. 1 seeds. Wasilla clinched the league title and a state tournament berth.

Soldotna will face the Colony-Kenai winner on Saturday, with the winner punching their ticket to state.

Sitka knocked off Juneau-Douglas 7-1 to advance to Saturday's Southeast Conference title game. The Wolves will face the winner of Juneau-Douglas and Ketchikan.

Ketchikan's Nathan Bonck threw his second no-hitter of the season in a 6-0 win over Thunder Mountain. He struck out 15 batters over seven innings. The Kings won twice today.

Monroe Catholic also won two games, including a 6-3 win over West Valley to grab the program's second berth to state.

Monroe will face Lathrop in the Mid Alaska championship game Saturday.

Each of the four conferences receive two berths to state.

Earlier in the week, Chugiak beat South Anchorage 6-4 for the Cook Inlet Conference championship.

So far, Chugiak, Wasilla, South, Sitka, Lathrop and Monroe Catholic have booked their seats to the big dance.

Two spots remain; one from of the Southcentral and another out of the Southeast.

This story was written by Van Williams, a freelance writer in Anchorage and the ALB Media Director.

Final CIC leaders:Hess high average .464, Pigg low ERA 0.58

Cook Inlet Conference Leaders



Batting Average [minimun 25 PA]

.464 Hess Chugiak

.435 Costello South

.424 Kley South

.417 Lindberg Chugiak

.391 Dammeyer West

.385 Gatter East

.378 Klancher Service

.367 Montagna Dimond

.364 Pigg Service

.360 Johnson South

Runs Batted In

12 Lindberg Chugiak

11 Pigg Service

11 Kley South

11 Davis East

10 Woods Service

9 Curfman Chugiak

9 Bucolo Chugiak

9 Costello South

9 Mohl South

8 Four tied


18 Homza South

12 Hess Chugiak

12 Kindred Chugiak

12 McInnis South

11 Henrickson Dimond

11 Oberly West

10 Five tied

Home Runs

1 Mohl South

1 Costello South

1 Bucolo Chugiak

1 Andresen Dimond

1 Koloski South


7 Hess Chugiak

4 Woods Service

3 Seven tied


2 Bucolo Chugiak

2 Pigg Service

2 Wanamaker West

1 Ten tied

Stolen Bases

15 Wing Chugiak

10 Franklin Bartlett

10 Froslie Eagle River

9 Tevasu Bartlett

9 Lewis

8 Malo Bartlett

8 John East

8 Pope East

7 Four tied

Base On Balls

11 Wing Chugiak

10 Pope East

9 Opinsky West

9 Henrickson Dimond

8 Kindred Chugiak

8 Malagodi Service

8 Foslie Eagle RIver

7 Four tied


Earned Run Average [minimun 11 IP]

0.58 Pigg Service

1.05 Koloski South

1.11 Lindberg Chugiak

1.15 Davis East

1.17 Fazzini South

1.26 Gardeline Dimond

1.40 O'Brien Dimond

1.68 Zettler West

1.75 Homza South

1.93 Curfman Chugiak

Innings Pitched

30.1 Davis East

29 Curfman Chugiak

24.1 Fredrick Eagle River

24 Jarvis East

20.1 Sanford Bartlett

19.1 Weigel West

18 Fazzini South

16.2 Zettler West

16 Duffy West


4 Curfman Chugiak

3 Davis East

3 Gardeline Dimond

2 Seven tied


2 Hess Chugiak

1 Cooper Eagle River

1 Weigel West


43 Davis East

35 Duffy West

28 Weigel West

27 Jarvis East

26 Koloski South

23 Fazzini South

17 Two tied



26 Franklin Bartlett

26 Pigg Service

23 Kindred Chugiak

23 Henrickson Dimond

23 Froslie Eagle River

21 Homza South

20 Hess Chugiak

Chugiak, South face off Monday in what could decide CIC title

Both teams have already qualified for the state tournament, but there’s the business of a Cook Inlet Conference championship to sort out.

First-place Chugiak [8-1] plays second-place South [7-2] on Monday night at 7 p.m. at Mulcahy Stadium.

A Chugiak victory would give the Mustangs the title outright.

But if South wins the teams would be tied at 8-2 and force an if-necessary game Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Mulcahy Stadium.

The conference champion receives the CIC’s No. 1 at the ASAA State Tournament, June 2-3-4 in Anchorage.

The runnerup gets the No. 2 seed.

Chugiak beat South 2-0 on May 14 in their only meeting this year.

The other three leagues - the Mid Alaska, Southcentral and Southeast - have conference tournaments this week that will decide which two teams will punch their ticket to state.

This story was written by Van Williams, a freelance writer in Anchorage and the ALB Media Director. 

Thompson, Brown named NCAA D3 West Regional all-tourney

Seniors Tyler Thompson and Garrett Brown of Anchorage were each selected to the NCAA D3 West Regional all-tournament team after helping Pacific Lutheran University reach the championship game.

PLU lost to Trinity of Texas 12-7 to fall one win shy of advancing to the World Series.

The Northwest Conference champion Lutes of Tacoma, Washington, finished the season 29-19.

In the regional title game Saturday, Thompson extended his hitting streak to 25 games in his final college game. That’s the longest streak by any Alaska player this year.

He also finished his career with 19 home runs, which is the most by any active player.

Thompson led PLU with a .339 batting average, nine home runs, 38 RBIs, 106 total bases and a .561 slugging percentage.

Yeah, dude crushed it this year.

So did Brown, a former catcher turned relief pitcher.

Brown emerged as the team’s closer and most reliable option out of the bullpen – no matter the situation.

The right-hander had 12 saves on the season, including two during the regional tournament. He also pitched seven innings of one-run relief at regionals to earn the team’s first of three postseason wins there.

He appeared in a team-high 29 games and finished with a 2.09 ERA in 56 innings.

Together, Thompson and Brown helped PLU win a combined 61 games over the last two seasons and advance to the NCAA D3 West Regional both years. 

This story was written by Van Williams, a freelance writer in Anchorage and the ALB Media Director. 

From South to WNC to Sac State, Karnos remains the go-to guy

When he graduated high school Max Karnos of Anchorage was probably the best pitcher in the state.

Then he went to Western Nevada College and became arguably the most durable pitcher over his two years there.

Now he’s at Sacramento State in California, and it’s the same as it ever was.

Karnos, of South Post 4 fame, is the ace of the staff and ranks among the Western Athletic Conference leaders in the three most critical categories for a pitcher.

The 6-foot-4 starter has the second-best ERA [2.77] in the WAC while his 84.1 innings and seven wins both rank fourth.

In three years of college ball he has thrown 250.2 career innings and ranked first or second on his team each season.

Karnos improved his record to 7-3 after Sac State beat Seattle University 6-3.

He allowed two runs over six innings, overcoming six base on balls and escaping a two-on, one-out jam in the fourth inning with a strikeout and groundout. He threw clean frames in the fifth and sixth innings.

Karnos is 5-1 in his last six decisions.

His next start will come in next weekend’s WAC Tournament in Mesa, Arizona.

This story was written by Van Williams, a freelance writer in Anchorage and the ALB Media Director. 

Thompson, Brown have PLU one win away from D3 World Series

Tyler Thompson and Garrett Brown of Anchorage are playing the best baseball of their lives for Pacific Lutheran University.

They need to keep it going for one more game to reach the NCAA D3 College World Series.

PLU has roared back from a first-round loss at the NCAA West Regional in Spokane, Washington, with three consecutive victories – including two on Friday – to advance to the regional championship game.

PLU will face Trinity of Texas on Saturday in a rematch of the opening round when Trinity prevailed 7-3. The winner of Saturday’s game advances to the World Series.

Thompson, of Dimond Post 21 fame, extended his personal-best hitting streak to 24 games with a 4-for-4 performance in a 3-2 win over Texas-Tyler that pushed PLU into the regional title game.

Brown, of Service Post 28 fame, earned the save – his second save of the day and his 12th of the season, which ties the senior right-hander for the second most in the country.

Earlier in the day, PLU beat Whitworth 8-5 with Thompson delivering an RBI single to open the scoring in the first inning.

It was the 93rd RBI of his college career.

On Thursday, PLU beat Cal Lutheran 8-6 in the first of its three straight wins in elimination games.

Thompson hit his ninth home run of the season and Brown pitched seven innings of one-run relief to earn the win – the fourth time this season that in the same game Thompson has homered and Brown has either earned a save or win.

This story was written by Van Williams, a freelance writer in Anchorage and the ALB Media Director. 

Cook Inlet Conference JV Invitational begins Wednesday

JV Invitational

Wednesday, May 25

First Round

G1: 1] South-Black vs. 8] Service     K4 6:30 PM

G2: 2] Chugiak vs. 7] East     OB 6:30 PM

G3: 3] West vs. 6] Eagle River          LF 6:30 PM

G4: 4] South-Gold vs. 5] Dimond K3 6:30 PM

Thursday, May 26

G5: Loser’s Bracket: LG1 vs. LG4 LF 4:30 PM

G6: Loser’s Bracket: LG2 vs. LG3 LF 7:00 PM

G7: Winner’s Bracket: WG2 vs. WG3 OB 4:30 PM

G8: Winner’s Bracket: WG1 vs. WG4 OB 7:00 PM

Friday, May 27

G9: Third-Place: LG7 vs. LG8           K3 6:30 PM

G10: Championship: WG7 vs. WG8           K4 6:30 PM

 K4/K3 Kosinski Fields

OB Oberg Field

LF Loretta French Field

Chugiak, South sit in powerful position for CIC playoffs

The Cook Inlet Conference this week will split in half for the final three games of the high school baseball season.

The top four teams with the best record after seven games advanced to the championship round robin, where records carry over as a reward for taking care of business in the regular season.

After the round robin the top two teams advance to the ASAA state tournament at Mulcahy Stadium in Anchorage.

Defending state champion Chugiak [7-0] and South [6-1] are in the driver's seat.

Third-seeded Dimond [4-3] and fourth-seeded Service [4-3] must win two of three to have any chance.

If needed, an if-necessary game is May 24 just in case 10 games wasn't enough to determine state berths.

The bottom four teams will play in a consolation round robin.

Thursday, May 19

[8] Bartlett vs. [6] Eagle River 4:30 PM Mulcahy

[7] West vs. [5] East 7:00 PM Mulcahy

Friday, May 20 

[3] Dimond vs. [2] South 4:30 PM Mulcahy

[4] Service vs. [1] Chugiak 7:00 PM Mulcahy

Saturday, May 21 

[8] Bartlett vs. [7] West 10:00 AM Mulcahy

[3] Dimond vs. [1] Chugiak 1:00 PM Mulcahy

[4] Service vs. [2] South 4:00 PM Mulcahy

[6] Eagle River vs. [5] East 7:00 Mulcahy

Monday, May 23 

[4] Service vs. [3] Dimond 4:30 PM Mulcahy

[2] South vs. [1] Chugiak 7:00 PM Mulcahy

[8] Bartlett vs. [5] East 6:30 PM Bartlett 

[7] West vs. [6] Eagle River 6:30 PM K4

Tuesday, May 24

If-necessary game 6:30 PM Mulcahy

This story was written by Van Williams, a freelance writer in Anchorage and the ALB Media Director. 

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Watch the CIC playoffs (Friday, Saturday, & Monday):


Follow high school games at Mulcahy:


2016 High School Standings

Cook Inlet Conference

Championship Group

Team League
$x-Chugiak 9-2
x-South Anchorage 8-3
Dimond 6-4
Service 5-5

Consolation Group

Team League
East Anchorage 5-5
Eagle River 4-6
West Anchorage 4-6
Bartlett 0-10

x-Qualified for ASAA State Tournament

$-Conference Champion

Regional Playoffs

May 20-24, Anchorage

Tuesday's Score

#1 Chugiak 6, #2 South 4

Monday's Scores

#2 South 7, #1 Chugiak 1

#3 Dimond 7, #4 Service 2

Saturday's Scores

#3 Dimond 11, #1 Chugiak 10

#4 Service 6, #2 South 0

Friday's Scores

#2 South 4, #3 Dimond 0

#1 Chugiak 2, #4 Service 1

Mid Alaska Conference
Team League
West Valley 9-3
$x-Lathrop 9-3
x-Monroe Catholic 8-4
Eielson 7-5
Delta Junction 6-6
North Pole 3-9
Hutchison 0-12

x-Qualified for ASAA State Tournament

$-Conference Champion

Regional Tournament

May 24-28, Fairbanks

Saturday's Score

#2 Lathrop 13, #3 Monroe Catholic 3

Friday's Scores

#3 Monroe Catholic 6, #1 West Valley 3

#3 Monroe Cathollic 13, #6 North Pole 2

Thursday's Scores

#2 Lathrop 21, #1 West Valley 9

#6 North Pole 13, #5 Delta 2 

#3 Monroe Catholic 6, #4 Eielson 5

Wednesday's Scores

#2 Lathrop 14, #3 Monroe 4

#1 West Valley 18, #6 Delta Junction 5

Tuesday's Scores

#5 Delta 11, #4 Eielson 2

#3 Monroe 16, #6 North Pole 6

Southcentral Conference
Team League
$x-Wasilla 10-0
x-Soldotna 9-1
Colony 5-5
Kenai 4-6
Homer 4-6
Kodiak 4-6
Palmer 3-7
Houston 1-9

x-Qualified for ASAA State Tournament

$-Conference Champion

Regional Tournament

May 26-28, Kenai

Saturday's Scores

#1S Soldotna 17, #3S Kenai 2

#3S Kenai 8, #2N Colony 7

Friday's Scores

#1Wasilla 5, #1S Soldotna 0

#4S Kodiak 9, #3N Palmer 8

#3S Kenai 18, #4N Houston 7

#3S Kenai 5, #2S Homer 4

#2N Colony 15, #4S Kodiak 2

Thursday's Scores

#1N Wasilla 17, #2S Homer 0

#1S Soldotna 10, #2N Colony 7

#1NWasilla 2, #4S Kodiak 0

#2S Homer 5, #3N Palmer 4

#1S Soldotna 10, #4N Houston 0

#2N Colony 6, #3S Kenai 2

Southeast Conference
Team League
$x-Sitka 9-3
x-Ketchikan 8-4
Juneau-Douglas 7-5
Thunder Mountain 5-7
Petersburg 2-10

x-Qualified for ASAA State Tournament

$-Conference Champion

Regional Tournament

May 26-28, Petersburg

Saturday's Scores

#1 Sitka 10 #2 Ketchikan 2

#2 Ketchikan 2, #3 Juneau-Douglas 1

Friday's Scores

#2 Ketchikan 6, #4 Thunder Mountain 0 

#2 Ketchikan 11, #5 Petersburg 5 

#1 Sitka 7, #3 Juneau-Douglas 1 

Thursday's Scores

#5 Petersburg 5, #4 Thunder Mountain 3

#3 Juneau-Douglas 6, #2 Ketchikan 2

#1 Sitka 9, #5 Petersburg 5

2016 American Legion Baseball

Alaska Legion AA Standings

American Division

Team Points League
Dimond Post 21 0 0-0
Fairbanks Post 11 0 0-0
Fairbanks Post 30 0 0-0
Kenai Post 20 0 0-0
Palmer Post 15 0 0-0
South Post 4 0 0-0
Wasilla Post 35 0 0-0
West Post 1 0 0-0

National Division

Team Points League
Bartlett Post 29 0 0-0
Chugiak Post 33 0 0-0
Eagle River 0 0-0
East Post 34 0 0-0
Juneau Post 25 0 0-0
Ketchikan Post 3 0 0-0
Kodiak Post 17 0 0-0
Service Post 28 0 0-0

Points: 4 Win 2 Tie 1 Loss 0 Forfeit
Each team plays 18 games [top 8 to State Tournament; bottom 8 to Mason Lines Invitational]

American Legion 2015 Highlights

SE 2015 Tournament Highlights

Alaska High School Baseball

2015 High School Standings

Championship Group

Team League
**#Chugiak 8-2
**South Anchorage 8-2
Dimond 6-4
Service 4-6

Consolation Group

Team League
Bartlett 5-5
Eagle River 5-5
West Anchorage 2-8
East Anchorage 2-8

$State champion
#Conference champion
**Qualified for ASAA State Tournament

Mid Alaska Conference

Team League
**#Lathrop 10-0
**West Valley 8-0
North Pole 5-5
Monroe Catholic 5-5
Delta Junction 1-9
Eielson 1-9

#Conference champion
**Qualified for ASAA State Tournament

Southcentral Conference

Team League
**#Wasilla 9-1
**Kodiak 8-2
Soldotna 5-5
Homer 5-5
Palmer 4-6
Kenai 1-9
Houston 0-10

#Conference champion
**Qualified for ASAA State Tournament

Southeast Conference

Team League
**Juneau-Douglas 10-2
**#Ketchikan 9-3
Sitka 6-6
Thunder Mountain 3-9
Petersburg 2-10

#Conference champion
**Qualified for ASAA State Tournament

Alaska Legion Baseball

2015 Alaska Legion AA Standings

Team Points League
**Chugiak Post 33 69 17-1
Juneau Post 25 66 16-2
South Post 4 54 12-6
Dimond Post 21 51 11-7
Valley Post 35/15 51 11-7
Kenai Post 20 51 11-7
Fairbanks Post 11 51 11-7
Fairbanks Post 30 48 10-8
Service Post 28 45 9-9
Kodiak Post 17 45 9-9
Ketchikan Post 3 39 7-11
Eagle River 30 4-14
West Post 1 27 3-15
East Post 34 24 2-16
Barlett Post 29 23 2-16

Points: 4 Win, 2 Tie, 1 Loss, 0 Forfiet
Each team plays 18 league games (top 8 advance to State Tournament; the rest Mason Lines Invitational)

**State champion

2014 Alaska Legion AA American League

Team Points League
Wasilla Post 35 63 15-3
Service Post 28 57 13-5
Dimond Post 21 54 12-6
Juneau Post 25 51 11-7
**South Post 4 48 10-8
Ketchikan Post 3 39 7-11
East Post 34 33 5-13
West Post 1 06 0-18

**State champion

Alaska Legion AA National League

Team Points League
Chugiak Post 33 57 13-5
Eagle River 57 13-5
Kenai Post 20 54 12-6
Kodiak Post 17 48 10-8
Fairbanks Post 30 45 9-9
Bartlett Post 29 42 8-10
Fairbanks Post 11 32 5-13
Palmer Post 15 21 1-17

2013 Legion AA Standings

Team Points League
Wasilla Post 35 76 18-4
Juneau Post 25 73 17-5
South Post 4 70 16-6
**Chugiak Post 33 65 14-7-1
Dimond Post 21 59 12-9-1
Service Post 28 55 11-11
Kenai Post 20 55 11-11
Eagle River 52 10-12
Bartlett Post 29 46 8-14
Fairbanks Post 30/11 46 8-14

**State champion

2012 Legion AA Standings

Team Points League
**Kenai Post 20 71 17-3
South Post 4 62 14-6
Wasilla Post 35 62 14-6
Dimond Post 21 59 13-7
Fairbanks Post 11 59 13-7
Chugiak Post 33 52 11-9
Service Post 28 50 10-10
Eagle River 41 7-13
East Post 34 35 5-15
Bartlett Post 29 32 4-16
West Post 1 26 2-18

**State champion