Billings (MT) eliminates Juneau from NW Regional

Posted by Van Williams, ALB Media Director | Aug 10, 2018

The Billings (MT) Post 4 Royals scored 11 runs in the third inning to run away with a 16-3 victory in five innings at the Northwest Regional and eliminate the Juneau Post 25 Midnight Suns, who finished sixth in the tournament and ended the season 29-4.


There’s no getting around it: the third inning was ugly, but neither that nor the lopsided loss should overshadow Juneau’s beautiful performance this week as the team made history and reminded people how Alaska can compete at the regional level with enough muscle and moxie.


Not only did the Midnight Suns become the first Alaska team to win a regional game since 2009, but they scored 23 runs in three games to double the previous high for an Alaska team at the tournament in the last decade.


South Post 4 scored 11 runs in two games in 2014, Kenai Post 20 scored 10 runs in two games in 2012 and South scored 9 runs in three games in 2009.


Even today, with the game well out of hand, Michael Cesar drove in Zeb Storie from second base with an RBI single in the team’s final at-bats. Juneau went out swinging.


Storie, Cesar, Donavin McCurley, Kasey Watts, Robert Cox and Brock McCormick all delivered base hits against a Billings pitching staff that walked only two batters compared to 10 by Juneau, including three in a row with the bases loaded in the third inning.

Watts led the team with five runs and five walks, Cox was tops with six base hits and Phil Wall drove in a team-high five RBIs. The Storie bros combined for nine hits, six RBIs and four runs. Cesar was second with four runs and tied for third with three RBIs.


Northwest Regional

Recent History for Alaska

2018 Juneau 1-2

L 8-7 Meridian (ID) W 13-9 Missoula (MT) L 16-3 Billings (MT)

2017 Juneau 0-2

L 13-2 Missoula (MT) L 3-1 Lewiston (ID)

2016 Kenai 0-2

L 11-4 Cheyenne (WY) L 16-2 Kennewick (WA)

2015 Chugiak 0-2

L 20-2 Bellevue (WA) L 9-5 Gillette (WY)

2014 South 0-2

L 18-8 Boise (ID) L 24-3 Medford (OR)

2013 Chugiak 0-2

L 8-1 Eugene (OR) L 18-1 Waipahu (HI)

2012 Kenai 0-2

L 14-8 Billings (MT) L 12-2 Waipahu (HI)

2011 Dimond 0-2

L 11-4 Waipahu (HI) L 14-2 Boise (ID)

2010 Dimond 0-2

L 18-3 Boise (ID) L 13-3 Wausau (WI)

2009 South 1-2

W 5-4 Cheyenne (WY) L 10-2 Billings (MT) L 12-2 Bellevue (WA)

2008 Chugiak 0-2

L 8-3 Bozeman (MT) L 18-3 Kennewick (WA)