Juneau, Service highlight ALB Team of Excellence picks

Posted by Van Williams, ALB Media Director | Jul 31, 2017

State champion Juneau Post 25 and state runner-up Service Post 28 each had five players and a coach voted to the Alaska Legion Baseball Team of Excellence.


Together, the two teams accounted for 38 percent of the all-state selections.


Juneau’s Zeb Storie, Bryce Swofford, Kasey Watts, Alex Muir and Donavin McCurley joined head coach Joe Tompkins on the Team of Excellence.


The Service selections were Raleigh Pigg, Cooper Bailey-Parsons, Ronan Klancher, Cobey Cupp, Jaren Childs and head coach Willie Paul.


The Team of Excellence was voted on by coaches from the 16 Legion AA clubs in Alaska before the postseason started.


Alaska Legion Baseball Team of Excellence

**Stats based on 18 league games


Dylan Montagna Dimond .379AVG 13RBI 10XBH .621SLG

Chris Crespo West .422AVG 21RBI 13R 7XBH .600SLG

Zeb Storie Juneau .519AVG 31R 11RBI 6XBH

Paul Steffensen Kenai .433AVG 12RBI 29R 1HR .552SLG

Jake Andresen Dimond .312AVG 11R 8RBI 1HR .625SLG

Raleigh Pigg Service .364AVG 20R 13RBI 4XBH

Ben Werner Wasilla .492AVG 27RBI 23R 9XBH .632SLG

Anthony Maldonado South .314AVG 18RBI 16R 9XBH .632SLG

Cooper Bailey-Parsons Service .353AVG 8RBI 12R

Bryce Swofford Juneau .408AVG 23RBI 16R 7XBH


Ronan Klancher Service .403AVG 11RBI 23R 1HR 9XBH

Vonche Wood Fairbanks[30] .452AVG 12R 5RBI 1.000FLD

Derek McGinnis South .377AVG 24RBI 19R 9XBH

Scott Larionoff Kodiak .395AVG 12R 6R 3XBH

Kasey Watts Juneau .429AVG 26RBI 21R 9XBH

Cody Leslie South .350AVG 19RBI 21R 3XBH

Starting Pitcher

Jake Andresen Dimond 3-0W/L 2.33ERA 25K 17.1IP

Hank Boyer Wasilla 2-0W/L 3.33ERA 46K 3SV 33IP

Leland Wilson West 3-2W/L 1.81ERA 54K 31IP

Jaren Childs Service 1-0 1.98ERA 10K 13.2IP

Gaten Davis East 5-0W/L 3.03ERA 45K 35.2IP

Gage Webster South 2-1W/L 2.73ERA 46K 34IP

Isaac Roehl Fairbanks[11]

Zeb Storie Juneau 4-0W/L 1.48ERA 21K 24.1IP

Relief Pitcher

Kaden Roetteger Dimond 1.17ERA 20IP

Luis Nunez West 3-1W/L 3.82ERA 3SV 21K 22IP

Cobey Cupp Service 4-0W/L 1.20ERA 9K 15IP


Jeffrey Forster Wasilla 11XBH .750CS% .950FLD

Cody Quelland Kenai .398AVG 18RBI 18R 3XBH .463SLG

Kyle Henrickson Dimond .543AVG 17RBI 11R 8XBH .829SLG

Alex Muir Juneau .447AVG 18RBI 9R 1HR 8XBH


Donavin McCurley Juneau .371AVG 10RBI 22R 2-1W/L 0.39ERA

Kyle Graham Wasilla 16RBI

Jaren Childs Service .350AVG 23RBI 15R 1-0W/L 1.98ERA

Coaches of the Year

Willie Paul Service

Joe Tompkins Juneau

Ken Ottinger Wasilla



Samuel Hall Chugiak

Chase Reed Fairbanks 30

Michael Star Ketchikan

Isaac Roehl Fairbanks 11

Cobey Cupp Service

Ryan Wood Bartlett

Kendall Ruta Wasilla

Sterling Retzlaff Eagle River

Damian Mohl South


Ian Frizelle Chugiak

Cameron Butler Chugiak

Robert Cox Juneau

Shawn Jones West

Michael Richter Fairbanks 11

Ian Byrd Bartlett

Kam Williams Eagle River

Starting Pitcher

Mose Hayes Kenai

Sean Gardeline Dimond

Ian Frizelle Chugiak

Shaun Walton Kodiak

Wyatt Brajas Ketchikan

Ronan Klancher Service

Ryan Wood Bartlett

Braden Olmstead Eagle River

Relief Pitcher

Samuel Hall Chugiak


Luke Langnes West

Chris Malagodi Service


Seth Adkins Kenai

Mose Hayes Kenai

DJ Davis Chugiak

Shaun Walton Kodiak

Luis Nunez West