Lincoln the latest South star to win CIC MVP honors

Posted by Van Williams, ALB Media Director | May 25, 2018

He wasn’t necessarily the most dangerous hitter in the Cook Inlet Conference, but South’s Lian Lincoln no doubt did the most damage to opposing pitchers.


The 5-foot-11 senior center fielder led the Anchorage high school baseball league in hits, runs, triples and outfield assists, and last night was voted by league coaches as this season’s winner of the Don Rabung CIC MVP Award.


Lincoln is the fourth Wolverines all-star in six years to win the award, joining Jonny Homza in 2017, Willy Homza in 2015 and Max Karnos in 2013.


Lincoln won the CIC batting title with a .500 average in 10 games on 17-for-34 hitting. He scored 15 runs, ripped two triples and drove in eight runs, the fourth-highest RBI total in the league.


Defensively, he made all 10 putouts and added seven assists, including a double play. He also pitched three scoreless innings.


Lincoln and double-duty stud Jacob Woodall were the only South selections to the All-CIC First Team. Woodall tied for the league lead in RBIs (11) and pitching wins (3).


Other individuals honored included West’s Chris Crespo and Dimond’s Kaden Roettger sharing the Big Stick Award; Chugiak’s Braden Shackelford claiming the Gold Glove Award and Service’s Willie Paul earning Coach of the Year.


Cook Inlet Conference Baseball Awards

Don Rabung CIC MVP Award

Lian Lincoln South OF .500BA 8RBI 15R 4XBH .622OBP 9BB 5SB 1.000FLD 7OFA

Big Stick Award

Tie, Chris Crespo West .379BA 1HR 7RBI  

Kaden Roettger Dimond .379BA 1HR 9RBI

Gold Glove Award

Braden Shackelford Chugiak 1B 1.000FLD 71 defensive chances, including 3 DPs

Coach of the Year Award

Willie Paul Service Led No. 4 Cougars to upset wins over No. 1 South and No. 2 West in playoff round


Starting pitcher

Leland Wilson West 4G 25IP 0.56ERA 3W-1L 44K

Andrew Jaidinger Service 5G 18.1IP 2.29ERA 3W-1L 16K

Jacob Woodall South 3G 18IP 2.33ERA 3W-0L 15K

Braden Olmstead Eagle River 3G 1W-1L 12IP 1.17ERA No-hitter

Relief pitcher

Kaden Roettger Dimond 5G 12.1IP 2.84ERA 1W-0L 20K

Justin Nevells Chugiak 4G 5.1IP 1.31ERA 2SV 4K


Chris Malagodi Service 10G .333BA 9RBI 8R 5CS

First base

Jacob Woodall South 10G .370BA 11RBI 4R 4XBH

Second base

Connor Bates-Janigo Dimond 10G .393BA 7RBI 7R 2XBH

Third base

Chris Crespo West 9G .379BA 7RBI 4R 1HR


Ricky Gatter East 9G .412BA 2RBI 5R 3XBH


Lian Lincoln South 10G .500BA 8RBI 15R 4XBH

Ian Frizelle Chugiak 7G .350BA 8RBI 9R 4BB

Brian Wing Chugiak 7G .313BA 3RBI 12R 2XBH


Quinn Bates-Janigo Dimond 10G .480BA 11RBI 7R 2XBH

Luis Nunez West 8G .346BA 3RBI 5R 1XBH

Designated hitter

Hutton Stiles Service 9G .364BA 3RBI 6R 2XBH

Recent Don Rabung CIC MVP Winners

2017 Jonny Homza South SS/SP .577BA 10RBI 15R .703OBP, 3W-0L 12.2IP 1.16ERA 19K

2016 Cody Curfman Chugiak SP/C 4W-0L 1.93ERA 16K 29IP .323BA 9RBI 32B 7SB 6CS 4PK

2015 Tie, Lucas Thorp Dimond 1B/RP .414BA 2HR 9RBI .759 SLG 1W-1L 2SV 2.69ERA 13IP

           Willy Homza, South SS .518BA 10RBI 7XBH .556OBP .938FLD

2014 Dalton Chapman West SP/1B 4W-0L 0.96ERA 1SV 77K 36IP .456BA, 15RBI 8XBH .711SLG

2013 Max Karnos South SP/1B 1W-1L 0.33ERA 35K (17 1 game) 20IP .429BA 8XBH 11RBI

2012 Zach Ferntheil Service SP/1B 3W-0L 2SV 1.12ERA 25K 18IP .423BA


Starting pitcher

Chris Crespo West 3G 16IP 4.38ERA 1W-2L 21K

Jaren Childs Service 6G 18IP 3.89ERA 1W-2L 12K

Sam Hall Chugiak 3G 12.2IP 0.00ERA 2W-0L 4K

Garrett Nevells Chugiak 3G 13.1IP 2.63ERA 2W-1L 8K

Relief pitcher

Tony Maioriello South 2G 3IP 4.67ERA 1SV 8K

Ryan Wood Bartlett 3G 7.1IP 3.82ERA 0W-1L 6K


Luke Langnes West 8G .333BA 8RBI 2R 1CS

Josh Costello South 10G .313BA 10RBI 6R 3PK

First base

Braden Shackelford Chugiak 6G .333BA 5RBI 4R 3BB

Second base

Sterling Retzlaff Eagle River 10G .357BA 6RBI 12R 2XBH

Third base

Kaden Roettger Dimond 10G .379BA 9RBI 8R 1HR


Jake Andresen Dimond 8G .389BA 5RBI 8R 2HR

Justin Nevells Chugiak 7G .409BA 7RBI 6R


Sam Bourdon Service 10G .296BA 4RBI 8R 5BB

Braden Olmstead Eagle River 9G .261BA 1R 4SB

Abel Davis Eagle River 9G .301OBP 4R 1RBI


Christian Cambridge Chugiak 7G .263BA 4RBI 7R 6SB


Starting Pitcher - Kyler Maisey Dimond

Relief Pitcher - Josh Linn Eagle River

Catcher - Chase McGraw Eagle River; Trystan Costanios Chugiak

First base - Leland Wilson West; Nathaniel Cole Service; Chase Solberg East

Second base - Reid Brock South; Brendan Miles Eagle River; Mitch Goudreau West

Third base - Erik White East; Mason Peace Chugiak  

Shortstop - Jack Opinsky West; Blake Bacho Bartlett; Luke Giffen South  

Outfield - Ian Byrd Bartlett

Utility - Taylor McCart Bartlett; Chase Subitch South


Team Batting Average

.313 Dimond

.282 South

.277 Chugiak

.272 West

.255 Eagle River

.236 East

.235 Service

.143 Bartlett

Team Pitching ERA

1.87 Chugiak

2.10 South

2.45 West

3.75 Service

3.82 Eagle River

4.81 Dimond

9.78 East

15.16 Bartlett



17 Lian Lincoln South

12 Quinn Bates-Janigo Dimond

11 Chris Crespo West

10 Jacob Woodall South

10 Josh Costello South

10 Sterling Retzlaff Eagle River

9 Justin Nevells Chugiak

9 Chris Malagodi Service

9 Luis Nunez West

9 Reid Brock South


11 Quinn Bates-Janigo Dimond

11 Jacob Woodall South

10 Josh Costello South

9 Kaden Roettger Dimond

9 Chris Malagodi Service

9 Nathaniel Cole Service

8 Lian Lincoln South

8 Ian Frizelle Chugiak

8 Luke Langnes West

8 Kobe Vanderwood Dimond


15 Lian Lincoln South

13 Sean Carey Dimond

12 Brian Wing Chugiak

12 Sterling Retzlaff Eagle River

11 Nathaniel Cole Service

10 Chase Subitch South

10 Andrew Jaidinger Service

9 Shawn Jones West

9 Ian Frizelle Chugiak

9 Kobe Vanderwood Dimond

9 Reid Brock South

Home runs

2 Jake Andresen Dimond

1 Chris Crespo West

1 Kaden Roettger Dimond

1 Sean Carey Dimond



25 Leland Wilson West

18.2 Jake Andresen Dimond

18.1 Andrew Jaidinger Service

18 Jaren Childs Service

16 Chris Crespo West

14.2 Billy Smith Chugiak

13.1 Garrett Nevells Chugiak

13 Thomas Zettler West


3 Jacob Woodall South

3 Leland Wilson West

3 Andrew Jaidinger Service

2 Billy Smith Chugiak

2 Garrett Nevells Chugiak

2 Sam Hall Chugiak

2 Kyler Maisey Dimond

2 Terren Sugita South


2 Justin Nevells Chugiak

1 Braden Olmstead Eagle River

1 Tony Maioriello South

1 Thomas Zettler West

1 Henry Helgeson Service

1 Nathaniel Cole Service

1 Brody Jessee South


44 Leland Wilson West

24 Jake Andresen Dimond

21 Gage Webster South

21 Chris Crespo West

20 Kaden Roettger Dimond

18 Braden Schackelford Chugiak

16 Andrew Jaidinger Service

15 Jacob Woodall South