Pulsifer returns to field after being struck by ball in eye

Posted by Van Williams, ALB Media Director | Jul 25, 2020

Longtime North Pole Wild manager Ray Pulsifer on Friday returned to the field to coach his team at the Matson Invitational, just two days after being stuck by a ball in the eye at practice.


He back was with his team for Friday’s game, sporting a patch over his right eye and a nasty back-and-blue bruise on his left eye.


Doctors told him his vision in his right eye could return slowly over the next month.


Or it might not return at all.


“Scared a little,” Pulsifer said. “Hoping for a good outcome.”




Pulsifer suffered the injury Wednesday when he was on the field for batting practice at Bartlett High School. With no L screen available, he threw from just in front of the mound and was struck by a batted ball.


“Perfect live drive,” he said. “No time to react. Straight to my right eye.”


He was taken immediately to JBER hospital, where he underwent surgery and was kept overnight.


While there, though, his thoughts remained with his players.


From his hospital bed, he actually apologized for missing a coach’s meeting to select the Team of Excellence. Even with his vision in jeopardy, he was still sticking up for his players.


“Worried my guys will not be considered,” he said.


Pulisfer was discharged from the hospital on Friday afternoon and joined the Wild for their game Friday night against South Open. He stayed in the dugout and kept score.