Raffle ticket sales designed to help teams offset costs

Posted by Van Williams, ALB Media Director | Jan 21, 2018

American Legion Baseball Raffle Information/Guidelines


·         The Alliance for Support of American Legion Baseball in Alaska will provide the 4 Alaska Airlines tickets for the raffle. There will be no charge to the teams that participate in the raffle for the prize.

·         The Dimond Alumni will administrate the raffle using their permit. Dimond Alumni receives 5% of the gross sales for the use and administration of the raffle.

·         The cost to print the raffle tickets will be divided evenly between the teams that participate in the raffle.

·         Tickets will sell for $10.00. Teams net proceeds will be $9.45 - $9.48 per ticket (depending on the cost of the raffle ticket).

·         All monies collected will be deposited in the Dimond Alumni Gaming Account (State requirement).  Deposit slips will be mailed out to the Dimond Alumni Gaming Account. Each team will be making their own deposits and notify Don Winchester via email (donwinchester@yahoo.com) of the amount and date of the deposit.

·         All stubs of tickets sold must be turned in (for drawing)

·         All unsold tickets must be turned in

·         Lost tickets are sellers responsibility.

·         Drawing will be July 8th at the BP Tournament

·         Any question call Don Winchester 529-8550 cell


Money raised will go toward the following in this order:

1. Team Fee CIC teams and Legion AA and A Teams.

2. Individual players fees for CIC teams and player fee for Legion teams 2018. Once these figures are reached.

3. Legion team travel via airlines in - state, i.e. travel to and from Southeast Alaska and Kodiak. Once these figures are reached.

4. Legion team ground or other in-state travel up to $3,000.00 per team based on submitted receipts. This should apply to bus travel, ground and water transportation, hotels, dorms and other travel items with receipts. This is done after expenses directly paid by Legion teams with receipts provided  to the alliance for documentation of costs. The limit is $3,000.00 per team.


Ground Rules:

1. Teams must opt in and Post Managers/designee is responsible for all raffle tickets and money turned in.

2. Tickets will be issued in mid December. Teams can choose how many raffle tickets they want to sell.

3. All CIC team and player monies must be turned in no later than April 23, 2018.

4. All Legion Team fees monies must be turned in no later than May 25.

5. All Legion player fees monies must be turned in no later than June 8, 2018.

All other monies and tickets sold and unsold must be turned in no later than June 21. Drawing will take place on July 8, 2018 at the BP Invitational.

Legion team travel is to be paid by individual teams on their own and then they will be reimbursed depending on amount of raffle monies turned in toward Legion air travel.