NWCART to feature a fifth Alaska team after Utah bails

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Posted by Van Williams, ALB Media Director | Jul 25, 2021

As always, the Legion AA state champion will represent Alaska at the Northwest Regional on the road to the World Series. This year's tournament is in Gillette, Wyoming.

And as always, the state tournament runner-up will play in the Northwest Class A Regional Tournament, which returns to Anchorage for the first time since 2014.

This time, though, so will the third-place team from the state tournament. And the fourth-place team and Matson Invitational.

Now the state's fifth-place team will get to play as well after Utah backed out.

The NWCART will feature three Lower 48 teams from Montana, Idaho and Wyoming and five teams from Alaska.

A team from Alaska has never won the NWCART title.

Will this be the year? You gotta like the odds with five Alaska teams in the field.

Northwest Regional (Road to Legion World Series)

Aug. 3-7 @ Wyoming

Alaska Qualifer

Champion State Tournament

Northwest Class A Regional Tournament (NWCART)

Aug. 6-10 @ Mulcahy Stadium

Alaska Qualifers

Second-Place Team State Tournament

Third-Place Team State Tournament

Fourth-Place Team State Tournament

**Fifth-Place Team State Tournament

Matson Invitational Champion

**Fifth-Place Tiebreakers

Clear cut fifth place team is only team in both Alyeska and Denali team that has 2-1 record.

If two teams are tied at 2-1 there will be a playoff game Monday at 7:45pm at Mulcahy Stadium. The winner advances to the NWCART.

If two or more teams are tied at 1-2 in either Alyeska and Denali then head-to-head within each pool will determine the one team from each pool that will advance to Monday 7:45pm game. The winner advances to the NWCART.

In a pool where teams finish 2-1, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2, one team at 1-2 will advance to the semifinals based on a tiebreaker for fewest runs in pool play among the three tied teams. The remaining two teams will use a head-to-head tiebreaker to determine possibly playing someone unless that other pool has a 2-1 team not in semifinal.